A Matter of Muscles

Find the Balance, Relieve the Discomfort

A Matter of Options

60 Min Therapeutic Massage
90 Min Therapeutic Massage
120 Min Therapeutic Massage
60 Min Reiki Session
90 Min Reiki Session
90 Min Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Prices are based on length of session.  Each massage is unique, tailored to specific needs at the time of session and often incorporating several techniques in order to achieve desired goals.  There is no additional charge for modality-specific requests such as Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Cranial Sacral Therapy, etc.  Also included in the price are the use of special oils or lotions for sensitive skin; topical analgesics for muscle strains, joint pain, or bruising; and, aromatherapy oils for added relaxation.  All are available upon request or as needed at no extra charge.  

A Matter of Discount

First Time Visit
Receive 20% OFF your first 60 Min or 90 Min Therapeutic Massage

& Military
Receive $15 OFF ALL services if you are a member of the Fire Department, Police Department or any branch of the military
Multi-Pack Therapeutic Massage**
 Receive $10 OFF EACH massage when you purchase (3) or more
60 Min or 90 Min Therapeutic Massage Sessions.

*All Discounts apply to the Regular Price. They CANNOT be combined with other discounts or package rates.
**You have 180 Days to use packaged sessions.