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A Matter of Precaution


01 May 2023

After almost 2 years of Covid, there have been mutations aplenty and a dizzying myriad of home remedies, vaccines, boosters and social guidelines from which to choose or ignore.  Truth be told, SARS-CoV-2 has managed to adapt so frequently, it has kept us all on our toes as we navigate the uncertainties of these unusual times.  Even as the guidelines, mandates and policies issued by both health and government authorities continue to evolve and adjust, there have been few changes made to the Covid policies of A Matter of Muscles as they continue to meet basic precautionary guidelines.

Covid-19 Policies


  • If you are feeling sick, please stay home.  You can always reschedule your massage once you are feeling better.
  • In light of vaccines, boosters, asymptomatic carriers and the general pervasiveness of Covid, both the Covid-19 Supplemental Form and temperature checks are no longer required. However, if you appear or your skin feels feverish, your temperature will be checked as a precaution. If a fever exists, again, you will be asked to go home and rest.  
  • If you are considered a "high-risk" candidate, you are encouraged to submit approval for massage from your healthcare provider to prior to your massage.
  • Due to the size and enclosed nature of the treatment room, a fan is still used to circulate air in conjunction with an air purifier as described below, and a privacy curtain has been installed so that the door can remain open for maximum air flow.

Mask Policy

Masks are no longer required.

However, masks are available at no additional charge should you prefer to wear one during the face-up portion of your massage.

A Matter of Precaution

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).  

COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact. As a result, federal, state and local governments, and their respective health agencies recommended frequent hand washing, social distancing and the temporary closures of non-essential services, including massage therapy.  

In Arizona, as of Wednesday, May 13, 2020, it was finally announced that massage therapy services could resume operations.

At A Matter of Muscles, health safety is paramount.  In the wake of suspended elective surgeries and the stress-induced tax on immune systems caused by the recent, unprecedented upheaval of daily habits and routines, massage has become even more important in its ability to reduce stress, manage pain and support immune function.  In order to provide the safest environment possible for anyone in need of massage therapy, several preventative measures have been taken in an effort to minimize exposure to COVID-19 as we begin to ease the aforementioned social distancing guidelines.


Supplemental Policies & Procedures

Health Precautions

  • If you are sick, or feeling unwell in ANY way, please stay home, and contact your healthcare provider for further consultation.  We can reschedule your massage once you are feeling better.
  • Prior to your massage, your temperature will be checked using an infrared non-contact thermometer.  If you have a fever, you will be advised to return home and contact your healthcare provider.  Again, we can reschedule your massage for a later date.
  • Previous travel restrictions on scheduling, requiring a 14-day waiting period from the day of return, have now been lifted since standard personal protective equipment has now been acquired.
  • In accordance with the City of Phoenix's mandate requiring citizens to wear a mask to reduce community spread, you are required to wear a mask for the duration of your visit.  If you do not have a mask, or left yours at home, a disposable mask will be made available.*
  • If you are over the age of 65, have a compromised immune system, or are otherwise considered a high-risk candidate, you are encouraged to submit approval for massage from your healthcare provider to prior to your massage.

Cleaning & Sanitation Measures

  • In February 2020, as a precaution against the growing concern regarding the novel coronavirus, new sanitation protocols were put into effect including rigorous attention to wiping down door handles, light switches, cell phones, credit card processors, pens, pencils, the massage table (in its entirety), and anything that may have been touched, either by the massage practitioner or client, before the first client, after the last client, and between each session with an EPA-approved disinfectant.  
  • In addition to the above cleaning and sanitation measures, the treatment room is now equipped with a 3-in-1 True HEPA + UV-C Sanitizer Air Purifier to assist in cleaning and sterilizing air quality.
  • Due to limited air flow in the treatment room, a fan has been installed, in conjunction with the air purifier, to improve air circulation and ventilation. 
  • You are encouraged to wash your hands both before AND after your massage.
  • Hand sanitizer will also be made available for use.

Scheduling & Payment Adjustments

  • Given the nature of these changes, availability may be limited, so please schedule accordingly.
  • Cash, check, credit card, HSA/FSA cards are still accepted forms of payment.  However, NO CONTACT forms of payment, such as Zelle and Square Invoicing, are available.  PLEASE NOTE:  When choosing a NO CONTACT form of payment, funds MUST be received PRIOR to your scheduled appointment. 
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