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"Every living thing is soothed and comforted by touch. A silent communication occurs during touch. When we touch someone in a caring way that is clear and palpable, they will experience trust, and literally feel more comfortable within their own body. Neutral, non-judgmental touch can help us feel heard, and understood. This translates into an experience of deeper physical ease, which allows us to feel comfortable in letting go of the confusion that troubles our soul. Spiritually speaking, the healing power of human touch contributes to the health and healing of the whole person, mind, body, and spirit by increasing body awareness and body-mind connection."

-- Gloria Flores

A Matter of Welcome

The healing art of massage has been around for thousands of years. Due to the current wave of health consciousness, massage is finally making a come back because of the numerous health benefits it bestows on our mind, body and spirit.

For several decades massage has been little more than a mode of pampering. It was something that was special, done only when on vacation or for the simple fact that it felt good. In recent years, society is awakening to the fact that massage offers much, much more. 

Massage is very much a means of preventative care and health maintenance, playing an integral role in overall health and wellness. Among its many benefits is increased circulation which helps deliver nutrients, oxygen and blood to all areas of the body. Another important benefit, especially in today's hectic, multi-tasking society, is the ability to reduce stress and tension through deep relaxation, making it easier to get back to the fast pace of living.

At A Matter of Muscles, the goal is to provide you with massage that will meet the needs of your lifestyle or situation while bringing awareness to the areas that need your attention. All too often people do not realize how many of their muscles are sensitive to therapeutic touch until they are getting a massage. This is often due to the fact that muscle tension is so chronic that pain receptors feel less responsive or cut off. Releasing this tension can help promote awareness to the daily activities which created it in the first place. This allows you the opportunity to correct, or at the very least, counter the effects of your particular repetitive stress.



Plantar Fasciitis

Each massage is unique to the individual incorporating several modalities into a single session so as to maximize effectiveness and ensure specific needs are being met in any given session.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Since each massage is unique, since each massage incorporates multiple modalities, price is often a condition of time. Other pricing options include group rates, package incentives and gift certificates.

Sports Massage

There's more to massage than just having your muscles rubbed. Here are some helpful tips to prepare you for your massage as well as some post-massage suggestions to help minimize recovery time.

Gift Certificates Available!

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